Top Chicken Spots by Amelia Dimz

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By Amelia Dimz

Amelia Dimoldenberg, best known for her YouTube Channel Chicken Shop Dates, shares her nuggets of wisdom on the best nuggets in town. Having taken an array of big-time grime and rap artists on dates to Chicken Shops all across London, it’s safe to say her top 5 are a great guide to go by.

  • McDonald's

    Fast Food Restaurant // London

    Amelia Dimz's Tip

    They are the best end of.

  • Morley’s

    Fried Chicken Joint

    Amelia Dimz's Tip

    No trip to south london is complete without a pilgrimage to Morleys (so I’ve been told). I went on a date with Big Narstie to the brixton shop - fabulous red and white decor inside and even more fabulous nuggets - Narstie agreed.

  • Chicken Cottage

    Fried Chicken Joint // London

    Amelia Dimz's Tip

    The nuggets aren’t that great here but the sheer size of this Chicken Cottage is reason enough to go. The largest chicken shop in Europe and quite possibly the world. It’s literally the size of a shopping centre but sadly there are no escalators.

  • Clutch

    Fried Chicken Joint // London

    Amelia Dimz's Tip

    If you’re looking for a bougie night out but still dying for a chicken nugget Clutch is the place to go. I went here for a extremely romantic and well lit date with Santan Dave. The nuggets were huge! Extra tasty though. A very upmarket nugget - some might call it a chicken tender.

  • Bagel King

    Bagel Shop // Camberwell

    Amelia Dimz's Tip

    Don’t be put off by the name... they do a lot more than rings of dough. I’ve never actually been to Bagel King but this place was recommended highly by the chicken shop date fandom so their nuggets MUST be good.

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