Xandwich’s Top 5 Sandwich Spots

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By Xandwich

Xander from @The.Xandwich is mad about sandwiches. So much so, he’s made it his mission to eat and photograph all the best ones in London. Xander believes that too often people underrate his favourite format of food. Living by the mantra that sandwiches are so much more than just bread and fillings, Xander uses his Instagram to celebrate the joys of what is arguably the most quintessentially British dish. In his Trippin list, Xander gives us his top 5 ultimate sandwich recommendations across the city.

  • Max's

    Sandwich Place // Crouch End

    Xandwich's Tip

    Get the OG classic, the ‘Ham, Egg n’ Chips’. It does what it says on the tin. And when paired with a negroni and Max’s company, life doesn’t get much better.

  • Dusty Knuckle Bakery

    Bakery // London

    Xandwich's Tip

    Words will never, I repeat, never do this bakery justice. Their bread is sublime, their sandwiches and pure vibes even sublime-r.

  • Berber & Q

    Middle Eastern Restaurant // London

    Xandwich's Tip

    Definitely opt for the Rolled Shoulder of Lamb. Lafah bread, pickle, slow-cooked meat, burnt chilli sauce... oh my, I’m dribbling harder than a hungry Labrador.

  • Le Swine

    Food Truck // London

    Xandwich's Tip

    I remember the first time I bit into Le Bacon Butty - genuinely, I was lost for words. Middle bacon, fried duck egg, bacon butter and mushroom ketchup. Utter filter, devilishly raunchy.

  • Gourmet Goat

    Mediterranean Restaurant // London

    Xandwich's Tip

    A cute stall in Borough Market serving up portions of goat. Make sure you order the kid goat kofta. Mint, parsley, coriander, scilian lemon, chilli, Israeli spices... you catch my drift.

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